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Spray Foam Roofing

Advantages of Spray Foam Roofs
Spray polyurethane foam roofs create a seamless roofing structure. To be seamless means that there are no joints that often cause water and air to move in the roofing system. See the pros of spray foam roofing in Atlanta, Georgia.

Easy to Install
Fast installation can save you time and money with your new SPF roof. The application of foam and coating is quick and can usually be applied without interruption to the daily routine of the facility. SPF roofs are mounted by pouring the fluid onto the existing roof and allowing it to grow into the foam. This process means that foam will adhere to all shapes and styles of roofs, including irregularly shaped roofs. Upon washing the current roof, the SPF roof can be applied directly to asphalt, shingles, cement, steel and wood.

Energy Efficiency
SPF roofing offers thermal, air and moisture barriers to provide the maximum R-value per inch, which ensures that the material provides better insulation for the house. Polyurethane foam holds heat out in the summer and in the winter, reducing energy costs for plant owners. The silicone top coating resists UV light protects the foam and decreases heat absorption (emissivity).

Easy to Maintain
Once the SPF roof is mounted, minimal preventive maintenance and repair are required. If properly maintained, the roof of your SPF can last more than 50 years. It should be tested semi-annually. Extra checks are also recommended after any incident that may have caused damage to the system. In the case that a silicone coating is needed, the original materials will not be destroyed; the new coat will be added to the top of the current device.

Chemically Stable
Spray foam is inert, but this form of roof insulation must have a U.V. shield to protect from sunlight. Resistant elastomeric roofing device. The spray foam roof is odorless, avoids attacks by mildew or fungi and has no nutritional value.

Less Thermal Shock
Thanks to characteristics such as being smooth, having a better “R” quality and is covered by an elastomeric coating, SPF can substantially cut down the thermal shock effects on the structure.

Great Versatility
SPF can be used both for new construction and for replacing old roofs. It can be applied to smooth, angled, saw-toothed or domed surfaces or with irregular slopes or configurations. Spray foam is also an ideal spray application for tanks, freezers, coolers, pipes, ductwork and other odd jobs.

Although spray foam roofs are very lightweight, these sprays on roofs are also solid and will not compact or stack.

Seamless and Waterproof
Seams and penetrations are the primary sources of leakage in roof structures, and SPF reduces this risk.  Since the SPF solution is applied as a liquid, the holes, lines, and cracks in the current roof and surface can be filled.

The application of polyurethane foam helps the contractor to level the roof to reduce the chance of pounding rain. The foam content can be stretched and compressed in compliance with temperatures, reducing the chances of cracking or splitting.

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